License a Boat - FAQs

  • Be sure you have your LLC formed and it's active. If you haven't done that yet, click here.
  • Be sure you have any financing or insurance issues resolved.
  • Secure the boat's title. When we register, the original title is surrendered and "converted" to a new, Montana title. We'll need the original title in order to register.
  • Ensure the seller has signed the vehicle over to your LLC, not you personally. Click here to see how to deal with a seller
1st boat: Our fee of $420 + State registration (permanent)
2nd boat: Our fee of $250 + State registration (permanent)

To find out Montana State boat registration fees by phone: 406-447-8328 or 406-447-8369

  • Your credit card will be not be charged until after we get your license plates (see Fees for amount)
  • We'll send you an email copy of the vehicle's registration.
  • We'll Priority Mail your plates and include the hard copy of the registration.

No. We manually enter your credit card charge after ensuring all data is correct and will catch any multiple submissions.

  • It's up to you: we'll email all the completed registering documents for you to print, sign and send to us within hours of your submission. For important shipping and mailing tips click here.
  • The day we receive the signed registering documents and the boat's title from you, we'll get your decal.
  • We'll Priority Mail your decals that same day.
  • Your Montana title will follow in 3 to 6 weeks.

  • We'll merge the data you submit with the Montana boat registration documents.
  • You'll send us the original boat's title.
  • We'll take the documents we prepared for you and the boat's title to the Dept. of Motor vehicles and get your decals.
  • We'll charge your credit card.
  • We'll Priority Mail your decals to you the same day.
  • Your Montana title will follow in 3 to 6 weeks.