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Montana Titles

Information about Montana vehicle titles and how they are handled in your Montana LLC

Why do I have to send you my title?

When a vehicle or boat is titled in Montana, the old title is surrendered and a new Montana title issued. If there's a lien against the vehicle, it will be noted on the Montana title.

You retain possession of the Montana title. To license your vehicle, we'll need the original title, not a copy. Send the title to:
55 W. 14th St. Suite 101,
Helena, MT 59601

What if my lender won't give me (or you) the title?

Your lender can send the title directly to the Montana Motor Vehicle Department. We'll match it up with your licensing documents and get your plates. That way neither you nor we ever have physical control of the title and your lender is protected. Here's where they should send the title:

Montana Motor Vehicle Department
PO Box 557
(Your LLC name) - Business Tech Corporate Services
316 N. Park Ave., Room 142
Helena, MT 59624

When will I get my Montana title?

It will take between eight to twelve weeks to get your title. It will be sent to us (your LLC business address) and we'll forward it to you.