Montana LLC No Sales-Tax Motorhomes Registered Agent service

Thinking about buying a motorhome?

A luxury car?

A boat?


Let your Montana LLC buy it!

A Montana LLC is considered a Montana resident and, like any other resident of Montana, won't pay a sales tax on any purchase. Why? You don't buy the motor home, your LLC does.

Depending on your state’s sales tax rate, you can legally save $25,000 or more on your purchase.

Ginger, Jennifer & Amanda at your service
Form an LLC
a Vehicle
a Boat
an Aircraft

We put it all together for you

  1. Fill-out our simple Montana LLC online form. We'll prepare and file it for you.
  2. Buy your RV, boat or airplane in any state, and from any dealer or individual.
  3. We'll get your plates and Priority Mail them to you. That's it!
  • There are other companies that do this.
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Who are we?

  • We're a business service company, Montana "partners" for out-of-state firms.
  • We've been in business in Montana for over 38 years
  • We have clients in every state and many foreign countries.
  • We serve on the Montana Business Advisory Council
  • We’re professional, fast, efficient, knowledgeable, courteous and discrete.
  • Need more convincing? Read our un-edited and up-to-date testimonials.