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Form your LLC - FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about starting my Montana LLC.

What should I do before forming my LLC?

  • Confirm financing: If your vehicle is going to be financed, check with your lender to ensure they will loan to an LLC. Remember, your LLC and not you personally will own the vehicle. If your lender has a problem with loaning to your LLC, click here to see other lenders that are "LLC friendly".
  • Confirm insurance: speak with your insurance agent and make sure he or she understands your vehicle will be licensed in Montana but may be garaged elsewhere. If your insurer has a problem with that situation, click here to see other insurance companies that are "LLC friendly".
  • Read our Learn More page for additional information.
  • Click here to see how to deal with a seller

How much will my LLC cost?

The LLC formation process costs $625 and includes the following:

  • Montana State filing fee for a domestic Limited Liability Company.
  • Montana State 24-hour priority handling service.
  • Montana Corporate's service to prepare, review and file your Articles of Organization for a Domestic Limited Liability Company.
  • Current year's Registered Agent service.
  • Current year's Privacy Mailbox (PMB) service.

The licensing of your 1st motorhome or vehicle will cost $420 plus State fee

How will I be charged?

  • You can pay with a credit card or ACH bank withdrawl.
  • We'll check over your data and notify you of any potential issues.
  • In 24-48 hours after submission and payment, your Articles of Organization will be filed.

The licensing of your 1st motorhome or vehicle - will cost $420 + MT State fee.

You have the option of automating future payments for maintaining your LLC's annual requirements. For more information, click here

How long will it take once I submit my information?

Your LLC is usually active within 24 hours of its filing. We'll email you a scanned copy of the official filing acknowledgement as soon as we receive it. You may need the official filing acknowledgement to purchase or finance your motorhome or other vehicle.

Can I make any changes after I submit my information?

  • You can make changes at no cost any time prior to the LLC filing with the Montana Secretary of State.
  • Changes made after filing must be done with an amendment ($55 charge for 5-10 day or $75 for priority 24-hour).