All LLCs must complete the federally-required Beneficial Ownership Information report. Click here for more information.

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What is a Registered Agent?

Montana requires that every business in the state (your LLC) have a physical presence - a registered agent - residing in Montana

What are your fees?

First year LLC costs total $625 for creating and filing your LLC of which $115 is for the current year's Registered Agent service.

We will bill you shortly after the start of a new year for continuing service ($225 annually that includes other services). Click for a complete listing of all our fees.

If I start in the middle of the year, do I have to pay for the entire year?

Yes. All Montana fees are based on a calendar year and not prorated.

What do you do as Registered Agent?

We are your company's personal, live presence in Montana.

We are your official, legal contact for process serving. We will let you know of and forward any legal documents we receive on your behalf.

We'll notify you of any official requirements to keep your LLC active and in good standing.

Will you forward mail?

  • We forward official government documents and packages, service of process and documents and packages that appear to be important and legitimate.
  • Documents that appear to be important and legitimate are forwarded for a $5.00 per mailing charge plus postage.
  • Examples of mail we assume to be important include recall notices, insurance papers, vehicle parts, and bank statements.
  • Official government documents and service of process are forwarded automatically at no charge.

Can you perform other duties for my LLC?

Yes. We can file or retrieve documents, fetch information or help you deal with any governmental agency in Montana.

Our fees for these services are $75 per hour ($75 minimum). All our service fees can be found here.

Bear in mind we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.