All LLCs must complete the federally-required Beneficial Ownership Information report. Click here for more information.

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Annual Requirements

To maintain your LLC's good-standing, the items listed below must be completed annually

Each January 1st We'll invoice you $225 for our Registered Agent fee and an Annual Requirement package that addresses those requirements. Here's what it covers:

  1. Current calendar year Registered Agent services.
  2. Annual Report filing for State of Montana with fee paid.
  3. Annual privacy mailbox (PMB) service.

You can automate the payment for all annual requirements. For details, click here

As long as you have Montana plates on your vehicle(s) you are required to maintain your LLC in good standing.

1. Registered Agent Service Renewal
What to do Pay our Invoice sent January 1st by credit card or check. We can charge this fee to the credit card we have on file for you. Call or email us if this is what you want.
Form or Link Why do I need a Registered Agent?
Cost $225
Deadlines April 15th
What Happens if late or not done Montana law requires any business in the State have a live representative. If not paid by April 15th, we must withdraw as your Registered Agent and your LLC will be involuntarily dissolved.

2. Annual Report Filing
What to do File online with Sec. of State. Confirm LLC information. Don't change any data unless it's inaccurate. You'll need your folder number found on your Articles of Organization document (e.g. C-123456) We can file this for you.
Form or Link Online Annual Report Filing
Cost Included
Deadlines April 15th
What Happens if late or not done Your LLC will be in default. To file after the deadline will cost $35. If not paid by November, your LLC will be involuntarily dissolved.