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Your personal Montana address

Clients prefer to have all their LLC records - including their member addresses - show a local, Montana address, keeping their home address completely private

This can be accomplished with the use of our included Privacy Mail Box (PMB) service

Your member address will look like this:

Fred Fulltimer
55 W. 14th St. Suite 101
PMB 32208
Helena, MT 59601

The PMB provides anonymity with the Secretary of State. It will appear that way on your LLC Articles of Organization and any official documents related to your LLC. Your personal, home State address will not appear on any documents we prepare for you and will not appear on your LLC articles or the Sec. of State website.

55 W. 14th St. Suite 101, Helena MT will be listed as the address of the member(s) information. This offers the advantage of personal privacy; your home address is never revealed or shared with anyone.

Free mail forwarding of first class mail is included.

With your PMB:

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